Aim & Phylosophy


Our aim is to provide each child a friendly yet professional environment in which they will feel


the ethos of the school is to provide a happy, friendly, professional, disciplined and focused environment in which pupils will enjoy learning and be inspired to achieve results of the highest possible standards.


All members of staff hold an Enhanced Disclosure CRB Certificate and are committed to bringing every student to their full potential through excellence in teaching and training.


Latecomers not only disturb the class, but subject themselves to injury due to insufficient warm-up. 


Building self confidence - We believe that the forming of a strong personality with high self confidence and esteem is important. This is achieved through student-centered teaching, by motivating the pupils to undertake responsibility for their learning during the lesson and thus achieving the self-discipline required. We encourage students to set high goals and to be able to take decisions for themselves. Lots of encouragement and praise together with a positive way of teaching help to build the students’ confidence.  
Developing critical thinking - Being able to work individually is an asset found in every professional artist. Our dancers methodically learn how their body works which enables them to achieve the correct technique from a very young age. In addition, with the knowledge acquired, the students further their self awareness by taking the role of the teacher during in-class exercises ( thus by teaching it they understand it better). 

Self - discipline - Students are motivated to understand and nurture self-discipline by taking responsibility with their professional attire, being on-time for class, having good attendance throughout the year, and making sure they take care of their body by eating healthy and by warming up before class.
Non - competitive environment - Our friendly and non-competitive environment in class, encourages students to support and care for each other.  As a result, they are able to create strong friendships while learning to respect one another and to be happy for their classmates’ success.
Enjoyment - Classes are challenging yet they are taught in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment. Dancing should be a positive experience within the life of a child and so our goal is to give them the tools to be good dancers through a process that stimulates and nurtures them.

Tiny Tap Steps - Pre - Primary                               

Ages 3 - 5.  No previous training is required. Introduction to tap dance with

emphasis on rhythm, music, and use of small musical instruments.

Primary Tap      
Ages 5 and up. No previous training is required.  Children learn the basic tap

vocabulary through small, fun exercises .


Grade 1 Tap

Ages 6 -7 and up. No previous training is required. Children work on basic tap

technique, musicality,  rhythm and improvisation.   

Grade 2 Tap
Ages 8 and up.  Previous dance training is desirable. A progression from grade 1. 



Grade 3 Tap

Ages 9 and up. Previous dance training is desirable. A progression from grade 2.



Grade 5 Tap
Ages 10 and up.  Intermediate class where focus is on precision of footwork and personal interpratation. Previous dance training is required.

Grade 6 Tap
Ages 11 and up. Advanced class with emphasis on performance and quick footwork. Previous dance training is required.



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