How to make a ballet bun

What you will need:
1. Brush and comb
2. Hair elastics
3. Hair pins (should match the hair colour)
4. Thin hair net (should match the hair colour)
5. Water OR Hairspray (optional)

A Step by Step guide

1. Brush the hair and put it in a secure medium-hight ponytail









2. Twist (not too tight) the ponytail and wrap it around creating a donut shape










3. Insert the pins horizontally around the bun to secure it. A correct ballet bun should be as flat as possible.






4. Put the hair net around the bun. If the net is too big (recommended for longer or thicker hair) you will need to wrap it twice. Use water or hairspray and comb the hair to smooth any flyaways. voilà!


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